Electrical Engineering Excellence

“Both optimists and pessimists contribute to our society.
The optimist invents the airplane and the pessimist the parachute.”
– Gil Stern

We speak our clients language. We understand their business. We help achieve performance goals.


FACTORY AUTOMATION: Endress+Hauser • GE • Modicon • Omron • Rockwell Automation Solution Partner • Schweitzer Labs • Siemens • Wonderware System Integrator Partner

ELECTRICAL INFRASTRUCTURE ABB • Cooper • Cutler Hammer • Eaton • G&W • GE • Rockwell Automation • S&C • Schneider Square D • Schweitzer Engineering Labs • Siemens • Westinghouse

POWER GENERATION: Caterpillar • CUMMINS • Detroit Diesel • Fuji • Hitachi • Mitsubishi • Onan • Powel • Toshiba


ALUMINUM INDUSTRY: H2E has served the aluminum industry for nearly fifteen years providing services to manage and implement important power and automation projects designed to improve production efficiency and meet performance metrics. Projects include tasks in: Annealing • Power Modeling & Arc Flash Labels • Hotline • Furnace Control • Casting • Stretching • Chilling Process • Saws • Lubrication • Compressor • Gas Management • Water Management • Data Systems and IT Support

MINING INDUSTRY: H2E has served the underground mining industry in multiple states as well as abroad for nearly fifteen years, providing services to manage and implement improvements power and automation infrastructure. Projects include tasks in: Hoists • High-Horsepower Pumping • Chilling • Crushers • Load-Out Processes • HVAC & Environmental Systems • Power Modeling • Generator & Standby Power • Load Shedding • Substation Upgrades • Water Filtration & Management • Automation Upgrades (Supervisory, PLC, HMI, Drives)

CEMENT: H2E has a significant amount of experience in the cement industry, having supported industry clients for over ten years. H2E has been able to assist our clients in all parts of their facilities, including the production process as as well as in the facility infrastructure. Projects include tasks in: Power Modeling & Arc Flash Labels • Kiln Burner Management & Blowers • Clinker Cooler • Clinker Storage Systems • ECS and ACESYS System Engineering & Support • Recovery Systems • Air Supply & Handling • Alternate Fuel Systems • Safety Policy Consulting • Relay Coordination • Transformer Studies • Low and Medium Voltage Engineering and Design • Instrumentation and Controls Engineering

HYDROELECTRIC: Automation engineering and technology in the generator control infrastructure delivering improvements in operations throughout the life of the facility. Designing uniformity in engineering strategies across multiple facilities, supporting improvements in operations, capitalizing on economies of scale, and realizing benefits to daily operations. Projects include tasks in: Gate Controls Upgrade • Generator Upgrade: Governor, Exciter, Generator • Plant Remote Accessibility • Automated Facility Operation • Engineering Controls Consulting • Power Modeling & Arc Flash Labels • Multi-Site Technical Standardization

SPECIALTY MATERIALS: H2E provides support of strategic site implementation effort with consultative risk and project management services.Expert insights serve to identify and mitigate risks, along with an intense resolve to deliver correct engineering combine to drive the client’s mission success. Projects include tasks in: Power Modeling & Arc Flash Labels • Risk Mitigation Consulting • OEM Integration & Management • Strategic Production Planning • Electrical Infrastructure Design • Substation Engineering • Automation, Instrumentation, and Controls Engineering

NUCLEAR & HAZARDOUS WASTE MANAGEMENT: H2E performs governmental and DOE nuclear regulatory and superfund project work, thanks to compliance with NQA-1 and DOE 414.1A. H2E’s quality program is comprised of eighteen quality management sections and requires strict compliance with development procedures, revision control, and project management protocols. Projects include tasks in: Risk Mitigation Consulting • Factory Acceptance Testing • Hazardous Area Classifications • Waste Conveyance & Pump Systems • Hydrogen Water Management Automation • Boiler Fuel & Electrical Systems • Generator Troubleshooting & Tuning • Environmental Controls • UPS and Grounding Design • Power System Engineering & Support

REMOTE RESORTS: Thanks to in-depth experience and expertise in power generation and stand-by solutions, H2E is a preferred supplier of engineering and technical services for remote locations that need reliable power. Projects include tasks in: Transformer & Power System Study, Modeling • Redundant Generator Power System Design • Relay & Capacitor Engineering • Substation Design • Arc Flash Studies

MUNICIPAL WATER AND POWER: As a highly professional engineering firm that’s optimally sized to deliver personalized, detail-oriented attention to local municipalities, H2E’s commitment to highly accurate engineering, quality assurance processes, and to the client’s success is a fundamental benefit for municipal projects to be completed smoothly and on budget. Projects include tasks in: Supervisory System Design, Implementation • Control Panel Design, Fabrication, Commissioning • Power quality Studies • Variable Frequency Drive Solutions • Controls & Instrumentation


MANAGEMENT AND GUIDANCE: A well-staffed, highly educated professional engineering firm seasoned with decades of industrial experience to consult and act on your company’s behalf advances your project success and generates dividends on several levels well into the future. H2E provides services to our clients at all stages of a system’s life cycle: Concept development, budget development, design, cost estimating, construction, start-up, operations and maintenance. Because we have a complete grasp of the total process, we’re able to effectively lead and manage through all of the stages.

Professional Guidance: Compliance • Safety • Risk Mitigation • Technical Feasibility, Implementation • Team Coordination, Efficiency • Vendor/Contractor Management • Contract Analysis and Management
Construction Management: Quality Assurance & Field Inspections • NESC & NFPA-70E safe work practices • NEC Compliance Inspections • Start-up, documentation & turnover.
Project Management: H2E’s Project Management services provide our clients with a complete solution to their Project and Construction Management needs. Certified PMP, our emphasis on Design/Build contracts enables our team to shorten the project’s construction cycle while implementing project controls to ensure end-product quality and avoid negative cost impacts.
Scope Management: Ensure that all of the required work is included in the project’s scope plan; Project Scope Definition • Scope Verification • Scope Change Control • Work Breakdown Structure Development
Status and Variance Reporting: Timely, accurate customized reports describing the macro condition of the project and micro level issues that require your attention; Project Weekly & Monthly Status • Cost and Schedule Variance
Time Management: Activity Definition and Sequencing • Activity Duration Estimating • Schedule Development • Schedule Change Control
Cost Management: Activity Definition • Project Budget Needs Determination • Budget Refinement from Rough-Order-Of-Magnitude to Budgetary & Definitive Estimates • Resource Planning • Project, Activity & Task Cost Estimating • Project Cost Control

AUTOMATION: More than ten Automation Engineers and technicians are a part of the forty-plus technical team on staff at H2E. Some of H2E’s staff teaches professional automation system seminars in western states. H2E has well over 20 years of experience in the Specification, Application, and Design of Automation Control Systems, Communication & Telemetry Systems, and Startup/Commissioning Support. H2E’s Automation Team also holds expertise in SPC analysis, project cost-estimation, and ROI projections. Tasking for control strategy development based on process flow and operational descriptions. Establish and practice policies and procedures for U.S. government NQA-1 DOE 414.1A Qualified Quality Program, for DOE nuclear regulatory projects.

Design, Control Systems: Control Systems • Control System and Architecture Selection • Logic Diagram • Safety System/Wired Interlock
Design, Network Services: Local Area Network (LAN) Design • Plant Floor Communications • Supervisory Control & Data Acquisition (SCADA) Systems • Telemetry/Radio Systems
Design, Protocols, Media: Ethernet TCP/IP, -IP, ProfiNet • ProfiBus, ModBus, ModBus Plus • ControlNET, DeviceNET • Foundation FieldBus • Fiber Optic, Broadband, Twisted-Pair
Development, Software and Logic: Database Development • Operator Interface Screens • Supervisory Control and Master/Slave Configurations • Alarming, Data Recording, and Trending Systems • System, Process, and Machine Code & Functional Logic
Development, Technology Competence: Wonderware • Rockwell Allen-Bradley • Schweitzer Labs • General Electric • Siemens • Modicon • Industrial Control • Reliance Electric
Implementation, Documentation, Control: PLC Software Documentation • HMI and SCADA Documentation • Operation and Maintenance Manuals • Start-Up/Commissioning Plan • Training Document & Manuals
Implementation, Pre-Launch and On-Site:Panel Design, Fabrication, Installation Support • Software Verification and Validation • Acceptance Testing • Process Control Loop Tuning • On-Site Programming • On-Site Commissioning/Start-Up Support • System Evaluation and Performance Testing • Operator Training

INSTRUMENTATION AND CONTROLS: Our breadth of experience in industry and training as facility engineers uniquely enable our I&C Team to provide the best implementation for the project. H2E excels at providing cost-effective solutions to your instrumentation and control system needs. Members of our I&C Team regularly expand their training through continuing education courses, product seminars and membership in the ISA and/or IEEE. This experience, education and training result in a team in which you can entrust your next project.

Design, Project: Complete System Engineering and Design Packages • Project Budget Analysis and Development • Construction and Bid Specification Development • Bid Submission Review & Analysis
Design, Engineering Tasking: Process Flow & Operational Description Documents • Piping & Instrumentation Diagrams (P&ID’s) • Device Specification, Recommendations and Data Sheets • Control System Analysis & Recommendations
Design, Protocols, Media: Network Traffic Studies • Radio Propagation Studies
Technology, Control Types: P, PI, & PID Loop • Cascade Loops • Ratio Control Loop • Feed-Forward • Batch • Logic Sequence
Technology, Standards Reference: NFPA/NEC (National Electric Code) • IEEE Standards • IEEE Manuals • ECM Design Manuals • ISA Standards & Guidelines • Construction Standards Institute (CSI) • Latest AutoCAD
Technology, Control Discipline: Process Hazard Analysis (HA) • Failure Modes & Effects Analysis
Implementation, Documentation, Control: Instrument Plan Drawings • Control & Instrument Data Sheets • Instruments, Valves, Equipment • Start-up/Commissioning Plan • Training Document & Manuals
Implementation, Pre-Launch and On-Site: Calibration of Field Instruments • Software Verification and Validation • Acceptance Testing • Process Control Loop Tuning • On-Site Programming • On-Site Commissioning/Start-Up Support • System Evaluation and Performance Testing • Operator Training

Generators: Diesel and gas reciprocating generator sets • Steam and gas fired turbine
Protection of/for: Transformer Primary & Secondary • Bus • Overhead & Underground Feeder • Medium & Low Voltage Relays • Motors • Capacitor Bank • Ground Fault.
Control Systems: Demand • Voltage Regulator • Generator VAR • Application of Generator Synchronizing Packages • Load Shed • Auto Reclosers
Standards Used: ANSI/IEEE Standards & Guidelines • NFPA, National Electrical Code • Construction Standards Institute
Power Generation: Cogeneration • Distributed Generator • Reciprocating and Turbine Gen. • Rotary UPS Systems
Generation Design Services: Analyses of Generation & Emergency Power Reliability • Uninterruptable Power Supplies • DC Battery Systems • Automatic Transfer Switches • Load Shed Systems • Grounding • Step-Up Transformer • Inter-Tie Protection & Coordination • Main Breaker and Protection (Excitation, Synch Check) • Control Strategy & Design • Studies: Sizing, Interconnection • Construction Support • Start-Up, Commissioning
Power Infrastructure: Overhead Feeders • Facility Substations • Smart Protection Relays • Grounding and Protection • Facility Power Distribution • Medium & Low Voltage MCC • Current Limiting Reactors • Power Factor Correction • Application of Motors, VFD’s, RVSS’s, Harmonic Filters
Infrastructure Services: Design, Recommend, And Specify System Features • Technology • Analysis: Pre-Scoping Budget, Short Circuit, Motor Starting, Harmonics • Studies: Load Flow, Arc Flash, Relay Coordination & Protection • Start-Up • Commissioning Control & Monitoring, Services Supporting: System Evaluation, Recommend, and Specify. Turnkey available. • Monitoring & Management of: Generator, Alarms, Load Demand & Shedding, Power Quality, Power Factor
Automation: Topology Design, Logic and Interface Programming, Alarm Management, Event Recording, Historical Trending, Real Time ITIC/SEMI Curves, Disturbance Analysis Plots
Power Engineering Tools: ETAP • Easy Power • EDSA • Captor