Electrical Engineering Excellence
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“You have to expect things of yourself
before you can do them.”
– Michael Jordan

Refined engineering procedures enable shorter project cycles, ensure quality, and avoid negative cost impacts.


H2E’s Quality Management System (QMS) comprises eighteen (18) QMS Elements, which define the requirements for design controls, procedures, and policies. Our QMS manages project quality through established development procedures, revision control, and project management protocols. The QMS has been designed with NQA-1 and DOE 414 protocols, enabling H2E to work with governmental and DOE nuclear regulatory project compliant entities.

H2E manages the best practices of our QMS from a regulatory aspect, which we then grade and suitably implement as a matter of course for all non-regulatory H2E projects. As a benefit to our clients, for Non-Regulated Projects, H2E executes all of our client services under a suitably graded version of the policies and procedures of our QMS. Thus, if your project needs quality assurance of a caliber similar to that of the nuclear industry, we’re equipped to provide it. On the other hand, if a graded approach to a QMS suits the needs of your application and budget, we’re prepared to deliver that as well.


Risk Management helps ensure results-oriented project performance. To enable better over-all control of the project, ensure quality, and avoid negative cost impacts, H2E closely adheres to two fundamental axioms:
• Risk Assessment: Identify Uncertainties, Analyze & Prioritize Risk
• Risk Control: Mitigate, Plan, Measure & Control

The above Quality Procedures serve as the bedrock for these principles. Their tools of execution then include formal procedures for:
• Quality Assurance & Field Inspections
• NEC Compliance Inspections
• Project Scope Definition and Verification
• Scope Change Control
• Documentation Control & Turnover
• Project Startup/Commissioning

H2E’s team provides sound solutions to challenging problems. We make it a policy to work with your team to understand and define your project’s priorities and preliminary architecture. We’ll value-engineer the solution to create any needed alternatives and provide the best option measured against the criteria you define. By performing design reviews with increasing detail throughout the project, and breaking down activities into logical tasks with defined scope, we’re able to manage and meet the holistic project goals. Thanks to our experience and the studied management controls that we have in place, we can provide construction management and a full suite of technical services to help you achieve the design criteria, budget, schedule and milestones for your project and your success.