Nine hydroelectric Dam, MT

Generator Protection, Controls and SCADA Upgrade

H2E provided electrical and controls engineering to support the upgrade for Generators, Station Service, Pond control, Spillway/River control, Balance of Plant, Standby Power, Inverter Control and Battery System monitoring. These updates allowed for increased monitoring and control, both manually and remotely. H2Eā€™s engineering designs included the development of General Arrangements, Demolition Drawings, One-lines, Three-lines, Wiring Diagrams, Schematics, Junction Boxes, Control Panels, I/O interface, Cable Block Diagrams, Cable/Conduit Schedule, Network drawing, P&IDs PLC & HMI H2E interfaced with the existing Governors, Exciters, Switchgear, Control Boards and instrumentation to design a modern interface with a legacy system. H2E updated all plant drawings, based on multiple site trips to as-built each facility during the engineering design of the hardwired control interface.

H2E also provided high-level project management that included the development and management of Project Scope, Schedule and Budget. H2E performed the Control Panel Factory Acceptance (FAT) testing, on-site construction oversight and performed as the lead on start-up and commissioning. To support the start- up and commissioning, H2E developed a Commissioning Test Plan. The Commissioning Test Plan provided a step by step procedure for testing each aspect affected by the upgrade and included sign offs from the engineer and the client.