"I feel valued when I talk to H2E. They're looking out for what I need."
Eric O.
Copper Environmental Consultant
"I use H2E because they listen."
Bob D.
Mining Professional
"Avista enjoys a long standing relationship with H2E due to their proven experience and industry portfolio."
Dave S.



H2E has served the aluminum industry for most of our existence providing services to manage and implement value added power and automation projects designed to meet safety and production metrics.

The following is a sample of H2E’s areas of expertise:

  • Substations
  • Remelting
  • Casting
  • Hot Rolling
  • Cold Rolling
  • Heat Treating
  • Sheet and Rolled Product Process Lines
  • Quenching
  • Water Treatment
  • Gas Management
  • Data Systems and IT support
  • Power Systems
  • Physical Testing Labs



H2E has established itself as one of the premier providers of Electrical Engineering Solutions in the HydroElectric Market across the Northwest.  H2E maintains strong relationships with the areas primary Hydro Power Producers by approaching projects with the key metrics of Quality, Sustainability, Adaptability, and Vision through the course of upgrade and maintenance programs.

H2E provides proven expertise for the following areas:

  • Substation Design
  • Medium Voltage Distribution
  • Low Voltage Distribution
  • Protection Design
  • Station Service
  • Control Design and Integration
    • Gate Control
    • Unit Control (Governors, Exciters)
    • Station Service/Balance of Plant
    • PLC Control Panels
  • Remote Monitoring and Alerts
  • Specifications and Data Sheets
  • Procurement



H2E has a respected name in the cement industry, having supported primary industry producers for over 20 years. H2E is able to assist our clients with turnkey solutions in all aspects of their facilities, production process, and facility infrastructure.

H2E’s areas of expertise include:

  • Quarry
  • Raw Mill
  • Kiln Burner Management & Blowers
  • Clinker Storage Systems
  • Preheater Systems
  • Blending and Storage Systems
  • Coke Mill
  • Baghouse Systems
  • Medium Voltage and Low Voltage Distribution
  • Equipment Specification
  • Arc Flash, Short Circuit and Device Coordination
  • Protection Design
  • Onelines
  • Threelines
  • Motor Control Schematics
  • Power Systems
  • Air Supply and Handling Systems



H2E has served the surface and underground mining industry extensively in many states as well as abroad for most of our existence.  We provide services for power and automation systems from green field to upgrades.

The following is a sample of H2E’s area of expertise:

  • Grey Water Pumping Including High Horsepower Pumps
  • Chilling and Refrigeration Systems
  • Water Treatment Systems
  • Winches
  • Hoists
  • Shaft Sinking
  • Surface/Underground Development and Feasibility Work
  • Load Out Systems
  • Generator Prime, Standby, and Emergency Power Systems
  • Crushers
  • Milling and Mineral Extraction
  • Power System 


H2E has worked in the wood products industry for many years and we know how to help you in your margin-based business.  From the substation to the HMI screen, we provide all your power and automation needs.

H2E has proven experience in the following:

  • Substation and Power Delivery
  • Engineered Wood Products
  • Primary Breakdown Systems
  • Utilization Centers
  • Veneer Facilities
  • Plywood Facilities
  • Specialty Wood Product Systems
  • Dimensional and Grade Lumber Processing
  • Data Systems and IT Support
  • Power Systems


H2E provides exceptional services to the food and beverage processing industry. Whether it’s retrofits, upgrades, or technical services, H2E can provide solid solutions to your power and automation needs in Foods.

H2E provides an extensive expertise in the following areas:

  • Food Packaging
  • Bottle Box Filling and Palletizing
  • Bulk Liquids Receiving
  • Bulk Liquids Distribution
  • Bulk Solids Receiving
  • Bulk Solids Distribution
  • Pasteurization Processes
  • Color Sorting Applications
  • Batch Processing
  • Foods Cooling / Freezing Processes
  • Clean In Place (CIP) Processes
  • Facilities Power Studies
  • Facilities Power Distribution
  • Food Processing Equipment Motor Control Centers (MCCs)


H2E has a substantial footprint in the northwest WWTP arena. We have extensive expertise in engaging with clients to develop solutions for their particular situation. H2E provides electrical and controls and automation in the WWTP market.

H2E has proven proficiency in and knowledge of the following areas:

  • Digesters
  • Aeration Basin
  • Chlorine/Dechlorine Systems
  • Lift Stations
  • Water Pumping Stations
  • Methane Burner Systems 
  • UV Disinfectant Systems 
  • Clarifiers
  • Filtration Systems
  • Screening Systems


While we highlight H2E’s primary markets, we have successfully executed countless projects outside of these industries.  H2E has an extensive and diverse group of skilled engineers capable of executing your project.


Project Management

  • Scope Management

    • Project Scope Definition
    • Scope Verification
    • Work Breakdown Structure Development
    • Scope Change Control

  • Construction Management

    • Network System Evaluation and Performance
    • NESC & NFPA-70E Safe Work Practices
    • NEC Compliance Inspections
    • Quality Assurance and Field Inspections

  • Time Management

    • Activity Definition
    • Schedule Development
    • Sequencing and Duration
    • Schedule Change Control

  • Cost management

    • Project Budget Needs Determination
    • Resource Planning
    • Project, Activity, and Task Cost Estimating
    • Project Cost Control

Power CONTrOL, Protection, & Monitoring
  • Protection

    • Bus, Overhead, and Underground Feeder
    • Capacitor Bank and Ground Fault
    • Medium and Low Voltage Motors
    • Transformer Primary and Secondary

  • Solutions

    • Power Factor Control Management
    • Power Disturbance Analysis
    • Power Quality Monitoring
    • Standby Systems and Off-Grid Power
    • Substation Automation
    • Utility Audit

  • Control

    • Auto Reclosers
    • Demand
    • Generator Synchronizing Packages
    • Load Shed
    • Voltage Generator VAR

Power Distribution
  • System Planning

    • Cost Studies
    • One-Line and General Arrangement
    • System Evaluation and Recommendations
    • System Options and Alternatives

  • System Design

    • Current Limiting Reactor Design
    • Foundation and Structure Design
    • Medium and Low Voltage Motor Control Center (MCC) Design
    • Motor Application Design
    • Motor Soft and Reduced Voltage Starter Design
    • Specification Development
    • Substation Design
    • O&M Manuals

  • System Modeling

    • Arc Flash Analysis
    • Fault Analysis, Harmonic Filters
    • Interconnection Studies
    • Load Analysis and Short-Circuit Studies
    • Metering and Grounding Calculations and Layout
    • Power Flow Studies
    • Voltage Drop Studies
    • Relay Protection Schemes and Settings
    • Reactive Compensation Analysis

  • Construction

    • Bid Review, Evaluation, and Recommendations
    • Construction Specifications
    • Electrical Construction Drawing Package
    • Pre-Energization Checkout
    • Start-Up and Training

Automation Systems
  • Automation Design & Engineering

    • Database Development and Custom Languages
    • Human Machine Interface (HMI) Panels
    • Industrial Networks and Radio Telemetry
    • Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC)
    • Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) Systems

  • On-Site Commissioning & Start-Up Support

    • Network System Evaluation, Performance Testing
    • Onsite Programming Services
    • Operator Training
    • Process Control Loop Tuning

  • Complete Documentation Services

    • Construction and Bid Specification Development
    • Bid Submission Review and Analysis
    • Operation and Maintenance Manuals

  • Instrumentation & Controls Engineering

    • Complete Control System Engineering and Design Packages
    • Control System Analysis and Networking for Process Control
    • Emergency Stop and Automatic Shutdown and Sequence Development
    • Intelligent Control Device Specification
    • Piping and Instrumentation Diagrams (P&IDs)
    • Process Flow and Operation Description Documents
    • Instrument Data Sheets
    • System Interlock and Sequence Logic

  • Systems Experience

    • Rockwell System Integrator for Inland Northwest
    • Experienced with GE, Siemens, and Other PLCs
    • Experienced with AB, ABB, and Siemens VFDs


Industrial Grade Technology

We work with all of the following companies, software, hardware & more. We will tailor your system needs, recommend idea, solutions on behalf of better business quo.


    • Rockwell Automation Solution Partner
    • Wonderware Systems Integrator
    • Induction Automation Integrator
    • Schweitzer Labs
    • Siemens
    • Modicon
    • Omrom
    • Endress+Hauser


    • Cooper
    • Cutler Hammer
    • Eaton
    • G&W • GE • S&C • ABB
    • Rockwell Automation
    • Schneider Square D
    • Schweitzer Engineering Labs
    • Siemens
    • Westinghouse


    • Caterpillar
    • Detroit Diesel
    • Fuji • Hitachi
    • Mitsubishi
    • Onan
    • Powel
    • Toshiba


We’re based in Liberty Lake, Washington, and hold professional engineering license registrations in twenty nine states across four US time zones. H2E has also expanded our reach with projects in the European Union, Africa, South America, the United Kingdom, and other countries worldwide.

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