Spokane WWTP

Project Details: The radio network system consists of 23 remote sites divided into areas for distributed control and radio traffic minimization. The central Master Telemetry Unit (MTU), located at the district office and connected to the GUI system, transmits control information to the master RTUs and receives status information of each area.

All RTUs and the MTU are programmed and configured to transmit information only on a Change-of-State or value deviation to decrease the radio network traffic. Each RTU is programmed with the capability to store control and parameter data, request system data from the area master, or send system and parameter data to the area master. Each RTU employs a ‘heartbeat’ signal to ensure RTU communications and request service from the area master following an RTU failure.

H2E completed the following tasks on the following equipment at the Waste Water Treatment Plant:

  • Design of the new peer-to-peer radio telemetry system architecture
  • Control system programming of Master and 23 Remote sites using Smart Remote Telemetry Units (RTUs)
  • Programming of the Graphical User Interface (GUI) and each Remote site GUI
  • Programming of new Software Auto dialer System
  • Telemetry system startup and commissioning services
  • SCADA Upgrade, both Generation and Water System
  • Protection Relay Upgrade and Installation